Log4j: What’s Your Scanner Missing

Security teams have spent the last several weeks battling the recently discovered flaw in Apache’s Log4j software. Analysts say the implications of the bug are far-reaching and will likely be exploited for years to come. The concern is heightened because there are certain scenarios in which detection of vulnerable Log4j components is very challenging.

Rezilion researchers conducted a survey using multiple open sources and commercial scanning tools and assessed the tools against benchmarks of packaged Java files where Log4j was nested and packaged in various formats. The results reveal startling blindspots when it comes to detecting Log4j.

What do these findings mean for security strategy? In this webinar, we will take you through the findings of the research, and offer takeaways for what you can do now to protect yourself against Log4j exploits.



Join us to learn:

  • The eye-opening results of Rezilion‘s research on scanners and Log4j

  • Why the Log4j vulnerability is so difficult to identify in many environments

  • Tips and suggestions for mitigating Log4j risks in your organization