A CISO’s Guide to Next-Generation Vulnerability Management

In the age of digital transformation, CISOs and their teams are struggling to keep their organizations, employees, customers, and supply chain partners safe from cybersecurity threats that stem from software flaws.

To address these challenges effectively, organizations are embracing new strategic and technological advancements in Vulnerability Management. 

In this free white paper, learn the context and the approach teams should consider to future-proof their Vulnerability Management strategy to avoid security and operational risks.

In this guide:

  • Get statistics on the state of vulnerability management today to understand the contextual drivers inspiring and accelerating advancements in this area
  • Learn about the strategies and technologies supporting the industry's evolving approach to vulnerability management

  • Discover ways to embrace automation to speed up vulnerability management work and reduce patching backlogs

  • Evaluate the various components and capabilities of available "next generation vulnerability management" offerings, to make informed purchase decisions for your team