Reversing the Shift-Left Curse


Is wasteful security work in CI slowing your release cycles down? Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to reverse the curse of good-intentioned “shift-left” strategies.

Discover how Rezilion’s GitLab integration helps DevOps teams automate security work in CI, making it easy to manage and eliminate software vulnerabilities, fast.


Learn how Rezilion's GitLab integration makes it easy to:

  • Generate a dynamic Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) directly within the GitLab UI to identify all the software components and determine their loaded/unloaded status for a quick risk view.

  • Validate vulnerabilities early in the build process within the GitLab UI where non-exploitable vulnerabilities are marked as “false positive”.

  • Get actionable insights and easy-to-interpret results that make it simple to plan next steps for remediation.

  • Automatically remediate vulnerabilities in CI to address risk proactively and free up dev resources.



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