Software Supply Chain Security: A Buyer's Guide for Defense

As organizations increasingly turn to third-party and open source software components to fuel increasing demand from their customers, the software supply chain empowering swift product delivery has grown in its scope and complexity -- making it very challenging to secure.

Many tools, techniques, and even regulations exist to support the objectives of software supply chain security. But with myriad objectives and solutions out there, how can security teams ensure they're lining up the right defense strategy to successfully prevent software-related risk?

In this white paper, get the information modern security teams need to comply with the latest software supply chain security regulations, select the right tools, and operate efficiently to unleash the power of the software supply chain -- without unleashing its risk.

In this white paper:

  • Get tips to harness the power of the software supply chain -- without increasing risk
  • Understand the latest regulations affecting software supply chain security today
  • Know which tools are vital for securing one's software supply chain and learn what to look for before making a purchase 


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