Rezilion + Amazon Inspector

Get Vulnerability Management Right With Rezilion + Amazon Inspector

Many of the vulnerabilities typically identified may not be exploitable. Due to a lack of people and time, security executives and teams need to optimize the vulnerability management process by addressing the high-risk, exploitable vulnerabilities and ignoring the noise.

Using Rezilion Platform with Amazon Inspector, customers can reduce their patching efforts by at least 70%. Also, they get a dynamic Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), the ability to measure their actual attack surface and reduce remediation timelines from months to days without sacrificing security or productivity.


Download this ebook to learn:


  • Vulnerability management fundamentals

  • The approaches organizations can take to mitigate vulnerabilities

  • How to find exploitable vulnerabilities in systems and software

  • Why vulnerability validation and prioritization is critical

  • Getting vulnerability management right with Rezilion + Amazon Inspector